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The Inquisitor Film

  • A horror film from a graphic novel
  • about two women taken captive that takes a sinister turn..


Welcome! With this project we hope to bring to life a graphic novel by Richard Kelly. The film will be shot in Spain taking advantage of the great tax incentives in the Spanish Film Industry. A small cast, yet a thrilling and unique horror story set in the Napoleonic era with a surprise around every corner. Be a part of the journey and help fund this horror movie and bring to life this new independent horror film The Inquisitor!


Richard Kelly

I am a creative writer and graphic novelist. I am passionate about creating unique stories. I have published a number of graphic novel, horror books and have worked on independent thriller film projects such as The Beast, Lycanthropy and Ghouls. I would love to film my own creative works too. If of interest, and wish to fund just contact :


Set during the Napoleonic war, gypsies Alfred Pallino and his two daughters, Gina and Maria, with friend Teresa Dalini travel from a camp to the next town to hear the church sermon of the Archbishop Francesco. As Alfred leaves the three girls in charge of the cart selling their wares, they are kidnapped and taken to the cell of the church. Once in the cell, they become aware of a female prisoner, Helene, in the cell next to them. Helene escapes by killing a guard and frees them all. The three girls run through dark corridors to find a way of escaping the church and avoid Helene. Helene kills many more in a blood thirsty rampage through the church and the Archbishop Francesco orders the guards to find her. As the girls try to avoid both Helene and the guards, what will happen when all three parties catch up with each other and the body count rises? The cast is small, featuring the girls, Helene, their father, a shepherd, a monk amongst others.

Will this film get made?

Not without you! You, the person reading this right now, every penny will count in order to realise this film. It is a unique storyline, bringing in aspects of horror and independent film to produce a new and exciting project. You will have involvement in this project

straightaway and the money we raise here will be fundamental in the production and post-production costs of this project. We will have a ready-made audience for the film, and hopefully the word will spread about this new horror movie coming soon!

If we can not get the funding for this film, we won not be able to fulfill some of the reward items.

The film making is a long process and we are not sure of which challenges and bumps we may face but the goal is clear. Make an enjoyable film for you to enjoy and feel proud to be a part of. How many people out there can say they were a supporter of an independent horror movie?


Stage 1: Pre-production (£ 1,500) CURRENT STAGE GOAL Promotion, development and securing locations, audition set-up and securing film crew. Submitting proposals for extra funding such as through Film London.

Stage 2: Production (£ 88,500) Includes filming, travel to the location.

Stage 3: Post Production (£ 10,000) Editing, effects, entrance into film festivals, screenings and distribution.


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